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Creek View Estate is the first development in Nigeria for the Prime City organization. Prime City has built a team of individuals who together bring world class expertise to meet the challenges of a real estate, construction development, technology and trading development projects on a large scale. For example, the experiences gained in Lagos have led to the vision of creating multiple affordable developments throughout the Lekki Peninsula region with the Creek View Estate being the first.

Prime City's mission is to support not only the project, but the leaders and the overall growth of the country and the people.  Many companies are there to extract resources and profits, and are not there to equip and build up the local economies and people.

Following are the nations we are currently involved in. Please click on the Navigation link above, or the map of the country for more information on specific projects in each of the countries we serve:

Map courtesy of Bugbog Maps

Map courtesy of Bugbog Maps

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