Every transformation requires vision, strength and courage to break free from the past in order to build the future. Prime City LLC is working with leaders and the people of Africa to build the future...now.

Tanzania - Hospital Construction Project

Tanzania - 8000 Acre Sugarcane Farm and Processing Plant

Tanzania - Nationwide Govt. Housing Development Project

Tanzania - Mining Projects and Investments

Lagos, Nigeria - Creekview Real Estate Development Project

Ogun State, Nigeria - Ikenne School/Hostel Construction Project

Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria - Sand Dredging Project

Lekki Pennisula, Nigeria - Bus Shelters Construction Project

Prime City LLC works primarily in the nations of Nigeria and Tanzania and is exploring projects in other regions of Africa as well. We have established relationships in these two nations and have assembled partnerships with world class organizations who are specialist in their fields of expertise, in order to bring the value and quality of work these nations deserve.

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