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Prime City LLC - About Us

Beginning in 2008, Prime City LLC began pursuing projects that would allow us to help realize the dream of helping nations in Africa improve access to housing, and the development of new projects using consistent quality methods found in the United States. 

Prime City leadership has met with many key Government leaders in the nations of Nigeria and Tanzania listening to their specific issues, in order to better understand the critical needs they face in moving their countries forward.  As we discussed our solutions and approaches, which are often different than what they usually encounter from companies and governments coming from other parts of the world, our message resonated and hit a positive cord with these leaders.  We are there to support not only the project, but these leaders and the overall growth of the country and the people.  Many companies are there to extract resources and profits, and are not there to equip and build up the local economies and people.
For example, a few years ago, we approached the government of Lagos State, expressing our concerns about the dire shortage of Housing in Nigeria’s most populous State. Studies revealed that in order to meet up with the shortfall, approximately 3million housing units need to be built in Lagos State alone. In view of this, we proposed a partnership project with the State government whereby Prime City Construct Limited would enter into a Joint Venture (JV) with the Lagos State Government in a private public sector partnership to build new houses and thus alleviate the housing crisis in the State. This proposal also encompasses the empowerment of lower income families to participate and thus enjoy the privilege of home ownership.

In addition to this project we are well into discussions on a few other major projects that will be highlighted further.  Prime City LLC is quickly becoming a respected leader and partner to help African countries and entities build for the future.  We are looking for those who will partner with us in these efforts.

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